News VPItoolkit PDK GPIC 2.2

November 2021

Together with Siemens EDA, we continue improving the interface between VPIphotonics Design Suite, L-Edit, and S-Edit tools to provide a streamlined environment for optoelectronic and photonic integrated circuits and systems design.

News AngelTech PIC International 2021

November 2021

VPIphotonics at 5th PIC International Conference

9 - 10 November 2021, Brussels (Belgium)

»Contribution to the conference program, presented by Andre Richter:

Title: "Coping with the diversity of technologies and applications in CAD environments"

Abstract: Versatile design tools for integrated photonics and optoelectronics need to support a diversity of technologies addressing very different types of applications. This imposes stringent requirements on software environments, especially on circuit simulators emulating the characteristics of the components to be developed. We present an easily extensible simulation platform that allows in particular to integrate third-party tool capabilities and lab characterization information into a seamless simulation workflow. We illustrate its value for nonlinear photonics and quantum communication applications, the virtual testing of photonic chip characteristics, and the electrical and optical codesign of component and system solutions.

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ECOC Virtual Catch Up 2021

November 2021

ECOC Exhibition Virtual Catch Up

European Conference on Optical Communication

1 - 3 November 2021, online

Following on from the return to the exhibition halls in Bordeaux, France in September the virtual catch-up is the perfect place to connect with exhibitors, customers and colleagues not able to attend the physical event and to attend sessions from Market Focus and Product Focus.

The virtual event will run in the same format as ECOC Live 2020, delivering 3 days of industry developments and insights, discussion from leading companies and networking.

The unique virtual exhibition hall enables you to browse virtual booths, download information, watch product videos and request meetings at time that suits your schedule and timezone.

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OSA Webinar October 2021

October 2021

OIDA Sponsored Webinar:

A simulation environment for QKD systems and co-existing classical channels

Recently VPIphotonics developed a new simulation tool, VPItoolkit QKD. When used together with VPItransmissionMaker Optical Systems, a simulation environment for classical transmission systems, they represent a powerful R&D environment for the development of QKD systems based on weak-coherent prepare-and-measure protocols, including co-existence scenarios with classical channels. The design environment can serve as a test bed for the development and evaluation of various implementation options of QKD systems and sub-systems, such as pulse shaping, signal recovery and filtering, and others.

»Webinar: 6 October 2021, 8AM PT/11AM ET/5PM CET

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Photonic Days 2021 BB

October 2021

Photonics Days 2021 Berlin Brandenburg

4 - 7 October, 2021

Photonics – enabling technologies, still and now more than ever!

Our team will attend and also contributes to the PolyPhotonics Berlin Workshop ⇒ 5 Oct, 15:00 - 18:00:

"Simulate and characterize your hybrid PIC design" presented by André Richter (15:42)

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ECOC 2021

September 2021

ECOC Conference & Exhibition

European Conference on Optical Communication

13 - 16 September 2021

the largest conference on optical communications in Europe

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Contribution to conference program:

»Technical Session SC5 - Optical Transmission systems – High capacity transmission (We3C1.6, Wed 15:15 - 15:30):
"Impact of Wavelength-Dependent I/Q Imbalances of Standard C-Band Transceivers in Rate-Adaptive Multiband Systems"
presented by Gabriele Di Rosa

Abstract: We experimentally characterize wavelength-dependent I/Q imbalances when operating standard C-band IQ-modulator and coherent receiver in S-C-L-band systems. We evaluate their impact on the achievable entropy rate for probabilistically shaped PDM-256/64-QAM and show no penalty up to 150 nm bandwidth based on a single calibration.

»Workshop SC4 - Techniques for digitally enhancing optical communication – How machine learning can revolutionize optical fiber communications? (Mo1B-WS/Mo2B-WS, Mon 9:00 - 12:30):
"Unsupervised machine learning for modern transmission systems"
presented by Elias Giacoumidis

»Workshop SC6 - Theory of Optical Communications and Quantum Communications – Optical communications beyond 2020: Are we ready for the quantum age? (Mo3D-WS/Mo4D-WS, Mon 13:30 - 17:00):
"Modelling Weak-Coherent CV/DV QKD Systems using a Classical Simulation Framework"
presented by André Richter

»Special Event - Wideband Optical Networks (WON) (Mo3A-SE/Mo4A-SE, Mon 13:30 - 17:00):
"Wavelength-Dependency of Standard C-Band Transceivers Performance in Multiband Systems"
presented by Gabriele Di Rosa

New version 4.3

August 2021

VPIphotonics announces new release of VPIlinkDesigner, a software tool for optical link engineering including equipment placement and configuration and a thorough system wide performance assessment.

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New version 11.2

July 2021

VPIphotonics announces new version of its industry-leading simulation and design environment for optical components and transmission systems.

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July 2021

VPIphotonics will participate in the OSA Advanced Photonics Congress. Come and join our talk "Multi-dimensional Short Blocklength Probabilistic Shaping for Digital Subcarrier Multiplexing Systems" which will be held virtually by Abdelkerim Amari.


July 2021

VPIphotonics participates in the IEEE Photonics Society Summer Topicals. Don't miss our invited presentation on "Modeling aspects when designing wideband transmission systems", part of the conference topic "Ultra-wideband Optical Fiber Communication Systems". It will be presented virtually by André Richter, who will be online for Q&A on 20. July 2021 during the allocated streaming time.


June 2021

VPIphotonics at OPIE 2021

OPTICS & PHOTONICS International Exhibition

30 June - 2 July 2021, Pacifico Yokohama, Japan

OPIE - LASER EXPO is one of the largest exhibitions in Japan specialized for the photonics industrial sector. We will present our software solutions for photonic design and analysis in cooperation with our Japanese distributor AISAY Corporation, a technology trading company based in Yokohama, Japan, dealing with state-of-the-art industrial products such as optical and electronic components and software. Come and meet our experts to discuss your application and learn more about our products and services.

News Photonics+

June 2021

VPIphotonics at Photonics+ 2021

29 - 30 June 2021, online

PHOTONICS+ Virtual Exhibition and Conference, in partnership with EPIC, is a new efficient networking event for the photonics industry due to take place from 29 - 30 June 2021. Watch us at this exciting event! We will be contributing a forward-looking talk about "Design of Integrated Photonic Waveguides & Optical Fibers with VPIdeviceDesigner", presented by Chris Maloney, Director of Business Development.


June 2021

VPIphotonics at ONDM 2021

28 June - 1 July 2021, online

VPIphotonics will participate in 25th International Conference on Optical Network Design and Modelling from 28 June - 1 July 2021. Don't miss our talk "Transmission-Aware Bandwidth Variable Transceiver Allocation in DWDM Optical Networks" presented by Dmitry Khomchenko on 1 July 2021 at 11:25 AM (CET).

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News PR DeviceDesigner

May 2021

Releasing a new interoperable software platform for the design of photonic devices, empowering researchers to explore new designs for photonic integrated circuit (PIC) passive components and optical fibers. This new platform streamlines the migration of device-level simulation data into a circuit-level simulator for the design and optimization of PICs.

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May 2021

VPIphotonics will participate in the CLEO Technical Conference. Visit us at the Technology Showcase and in the Virtual Booth Exhibition.

»Don't miss our talk at the CLEO Technology Showcase,
"New Interoperable Software Platform for the Design of Photonic Devices"
will be held virtually on Tuesday May 11th at 16:40 CET.
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New version 4.3

April 2021

VPIphotonics announces the release of VPIlinkConfigurator Version 4.3, a versatile software tool for optical network engineering including automatic equipment placement and configuration and a thorough system-wide performance assessment.

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News AngelTech Virtual Live III

April 2021

VPIphotonics at AngelTech Virtual Live III

12 April, 2021 Online Only

»Contribution to the 3rd virtual AngelTech Online Summit, presented by Andre Richter:

Title: "Fabrication tolerance-aware schematic-driven PIC design"

Abstract: PIC fabrication tolerances are inevitable and strongly degrade device yield, unless their impact on overall performance characteristics is considered during the design process. We present a general-purpose schematic-driven design framework that provides easy access to statistical performance techniques. By introducing a novel method that allows for the identification of critical light paths and applying automated phase compensation inside the models, the analysis of fabrication tolerances on-wafer and between wafers is significantly simplified. We demonstrate its application in several PIC designs including complex photonics-based neural networks.

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News Photonics West

March 2021

VPIphotonics at SPIE Photonics West 2021

6-11 March, 2021 Online Only

»Contribution to conference program, presented by Andre Richter (On-demand starting 6 March):

Paper 11690-2: "Schematic-driven PIC design process considering manufacturing tolerances"

Abstract: Inevitable manufacturing tolerances strongly degrade the fabrication yield of photonic integrated circuits (PICs), unless their effect on overall performance characteristics is considered and mitigated during the design process. We present a general purpose schematic-driven design framework that provides easy access to statistical performance techniques such as sensitivity, corner and yield analysis. It supports the analysis of statistical parameter variations due to manufacturing tolerances on-waver and between wavers, and delivers valuable insights into the dependency of structural parameters on the overall PIC performance. We demonstrate its application on complex PIC designs comprising up to hundreds of photonic building blocks.

OSA Webinar February 2021

February 2021

OIDA Sponsored Webinar:

Automated PIC Modelling: A Photonic Neural Network Use Case

As the complexity of Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs) continues to grow, testing environments become more complicated. In this webinar, we will present several simulation testbenches prepared for visualizing typical measurement characteristics. The examples we will discuss include methods for group index verification, simulation of passive circuit transfer functions, characterization of SOAs, and evaluating the transfer characteristic of an Activation Unit for a Photonic Neural Network. These examples will all be demonstrated live using the photonic design automation (PDA) software VPIcomponentMaker Photonic Circuits.

»Webinar: 25 February, 8am PST, 11am EST, 5pm CET

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February 2021

PHOTONICS+ Virtual Exhibition and Conference, in partnership with EPIC, is a new, efficient networking event for the photonics industry due to take place for the first time on 17 + 18 February 2021. The innovative live, digital event brings stakeholders in the photonics industry together with relevant user areas.

»Watch us at this exciting event! We will be contributing to the programme a forward looking talk:
The future is bright: A glimpse into the crystal ball of Photonic Design Automation.