VPIphotonics delivers global support and design services from technical centers in US and Germany.

Our team provides support and advice on modeling techniques and advanced software capabilities. Further, we offer consulting services on photonics design, analysis and optimization tasks.

More than 900 engineers have completed one or multiple courses of our VPIphotonics Training program. These courses combine lectures from experts in photonic design and optimization principles, guided software tours, and hands on exercises using VPIphotonics optical design and configuration tools.

VPIphotonics Forum provides a focussed user platform for discussions about emerging technical novelties and their impact on photonic design automation. Research and teaching activities at educational institutions around the world are also supported through our University program.

Our VPIphotonics modeling experts welcome the opportunity to discuss design issues on line and also on site. Feel free to contact us for any inquiries.

For expert assistance contact: support@VPIphotonics.com.