More than 1600 citations of VPIphotonics products in the scientific literature!

The use of VPItransmissionMaker™ / VPIcomponentMaker™ throughout the international photonics community has been recognized widely by more than 60 publications each year. The link below points to more than 1650 of the existing scientific publications presented at international conferences and published in technical journals that have used VPIphotonics' design solutions.
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Beside public acknowledgements, there are many other references that cannot be distributed freely as they contain confidential information.

Publications from the VPIphotonics Team

VPIphotonics modeling experts have given numerous presentations at conferences, including OFC/NFOEC, ECOC, ACP, ICTON, Milcom and others, and provided many articles to technical journals, including IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics, Journal of Lightwave Technology, IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, Journal of Communications, WDM Solutions and Laser Focus World.

Publications at the VPIphotonics Forum

Detailed outlines from whitepapers and powerpoint presentations on BER Estimators, Optical Amplifier Design, High-Speed and High-Capacity System Design, and Photonic Integrated Circuits Design. Actual presentations are available to registered members of the VPIphotonics Forum.

VPIphotonics contributions to optical text books

Optical Communication Systems: Limits and Possibilities
Andrew Ellis, Mariia Sorokina (Editors)
Jenny Stanford Publishing, 2019.
This book, featuring contributions by the suppliers of widely deployed simulation software and academic authors, illustrates the origins of the limited performance of an optical fiber from the engineering, physics, and information theoretic viewpoints. Solutions are then discussed by pioneers in each of the respective fields, with near-term solutions discussed by industrially based authors, and more speculative high-potential solutions discussed by leading academic groups.
Chapter 1: "Modelling High Capacity Nonlinear Transmission Systems" by Hadrien Louchet, Nikolay Karelin, and André Richter from VPIphotonics.

WDM Systems and Networks - Modeling, Simulation, Design and Engineering
Neophytos (Neo) Antoniades, Georgios Ellinas, Ioannis Roudas (Editors)
Springer, 2012.
This book presents in a clear and illustrative format the technical and scientific concepts that are needed to accomplish the design of WDM systems and networks. Part One of the book is dedicated to state-of-the-art modeling approaches and simulation tools, including a chapter on Computer Modeling of Transport Layer Effects by modeling expert André Richter. Further the book provides a brief review of VPIphotonics' modeling tools for system level design, analysis and optimizaton.

Optoelectronic Devices: Advanced Simulation and Analysis
Joachim Piprek (Editor)
Springer, 2005.
This book presents a review of optoelectronic devices and advanced simulation approaches written by leading researchers and software developers, including modeling expert Arthur Lowery on active photonic integrated circuits.

DWDM Network Designs and Engineering Solutions
Ashwin Gumaste and Tony Antony (Editors)
Cisco Press, 2003.
A comprehensive book on DWDM network design and implementation solutions by Ashwin Gumaste and Tony Antony with a companion chapter and CD-ROM on design and simulation techniques using VPItransmissionMaker™, the tool for photonic components, subsystems, and DWDM transmission systems.

Optical Fiber Telecommunications
Ivan Kaminow and Tingye Li (Editors)
Academic Press, 2002.
Chinese translation by Shanghai E-shine Cultural Communications, 2006.
The most current information on lightwave communications including progress in optical component R&D and lightwave system impairments and compensation. Authorities in the field have written the chapters, including modeling expert Arthur Lowery on optical component and system design and simulation.

Optical Fiber Communications (3rd Ed)
Gerd Keiser
McGraw-Hill, 2000.
Presents the fundamental principles for understanding and applying fiber optic technology to sophisticated modern telecommunication systems, with topics ranging from fibers and components to optical networks and measurements. A key feature of the book is a CD-ROM that contains selections adapted for educational use from VPIcomponentMaker™ and VPItransmissionMaker™.