• Description

    Reporting is the final step of the design workflow performed by VPIlinkConfigurator to complete the task of engineering WDM optical networks. This example focuses on the Bill of Materials report including the part numbers of photonic equipment, chassis, and management modules required to mount (R)OADMs and amplifiers. See also WDM Network Design Reporting for more information about other types of reports.

    The graphical interface of the reporting tool is shown in Figure 1. The tool enables you to generate Bills of Materials (BOM) for a particular solution designed at the previous steps. Figure 2 displays the dialog to select auxiliary equipment required by chassis and Figure 3 shows the Bill of Materials generated for the solution created manually.

  • Further Information

    Keywords: Bill of Materials, Chassis, Slot, Management Module, Power Supply, Report Template, Customizable Report, System Performance Report, Configuration Report, Link Budget Summary, Application Programming Interface (API).

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