• Enables optical link engineering with easy equipment placement and configuration

  • Systemwide performance analysis including fiber impairments and equipment limitations

  • Built-in reporting tools providing BOM and performance reports

  • A future-proof platform utilizing a fully expandable technology-agnostic approach

  • Uniform results across an organization by using controlled equipment libraries and link design methodologies


  • Creates linear, branched, hub, ring and mesh topologies

  • Enables visibility of regeneration points

  • Automated wavelength allocation

  • Supports OADMs, WSS based ROADMs, banded designs, transponders, multilane and pluggable optics

  • Generates BOM including racks and power supplies

  • Enables performance analysis

  • Automatically places and configures passive and active components

  • Deals with fiber impairments

Easy to use graphical user interface

  • Intuitive interface provides process flow, facilities and equipment view

  • Macros eliminate repetitive or complex tasks such as routing primary and protecting channels

  • Equipment is shown inside its facility

  • Topology Editor permits visualization of channel parameters such as route, bit rate and length

  • Display detailed component connections including parallel structures (banded etc.) inside facilities

Intuitive display of performance results

  • Metrics are plotted as longitudinal variations along the route or as spectra at each location

  • Metrics are updated instantly to reflect any change in the design

  • Limits and uncertainties are plotted, for example, the receiver sensitivity and overload