VPIphotonics at OFC, 20-24 March in Anaheim (California), USA

OFC 2016

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  • New Version: VPIphotonics™ Design Suite v9.7

    Design Photonic Components and Compare Transmission Technologies

    VPIphotonics Design Suite accelerates the design of new photonic systems and subsystems for short-range, access, metro and long-haul optical transmission systems. Further, it supports assessment of technology upgrade and component substitution strategies that are to be developed for existing fiber plants. Highlights supported by the new version 9.7:

    • Design spatial division multiplexed (SDM) systems based on multimode and multi-core transmission and amplification technologies
    • Analyze and optimize custom mappings for N-dimensional modulation formats utilizing IQ, XY, time, frequency, fiber modes, fiber cores, etc.
    • Compare technology alternatives for 400G & 1Tb transmission using coherent or direct detection, single or multi-carrier multi-level modulation and coded modulation
    • Utilize the advantages of Radio-over-Fiber (RoF) for the deployment of distribution networks for 5G, digital broadcast TV and other services
    • Enhance your lab environment: virtualize equipment, test for distortions and limitations, apply advanced signal processing and performance analysis
    • Create fab-specific and layout-aware designs of photonic integrated circuits consisting of passive photonic, active optoelectronic, and electronic elements
    • Design complex photonic circuits integrated on Indium-Phosphid (InP), silicon and dielectric waveguide platforms, optimize parameters and perform automated tolerance analysis

    VPIphotonics Design Suite
  • Live Demo: Interfacing with Lab Equipment

    Radio-over-Fiber for distribution of 5G Services

    VPIphotonics and Anritsu Company will demonstrate a test solution that addresses next-generation mobile services over optical fiber at OFC 2016.

    The performance of radio-over-fiber (RoF) based distribution networks for mobile services are investigated by combining the lab virtualization feature of VPIlabExpert and the radio signal generation and analysis capability of Anritsu MS2830A. The generation and propagation of potential 5G candidates (OFDM, FBMC) over various fiber links is emulated using VPIlabExpert. Impaired signals are passed to the MS2830A vector signal generator for experimental investigation (wireless propagation, hardware testing). Final radio signals are captured by the MS2830A and sent back to VPIlabExpert for analysis (EVM, BER). Further information you can find in our press release.

    Interfacing with Lab Equipment
  • Live Demo: Emulation of Kerr-induced Signal Distortions

    Extended Gaussian Noise model available in VPItransmissionMaker Optical Systems

    VPIphotonics teams up with Tel Aviv University and University of L'Aquila to model nonlinear interference noise (NLIN) using the Extended Gaussian Noise (EGN) model in VPItransmissionMaker Optical Systems. This new functionality has been implemented by the groups of Prof. Mark Shtaif and Prof. Antonio Mecozzi. For more details see http://nlinwizard.eng.tau.ac.il/#.

    Our modeling experts will perform live demonstrations of typical application scenarios at OFC 2016. Further information and access to exemplary simulation setups demonstrating this new functionality you can find here!

    Emulation of Kerr-induced Signal Distortions
  • New Product: VPImodeDesigner™

    Analysis and optimization of straight anisotropic and bent isotropic optical waveguides and related devices

    VPImodeDesigner supports the analysis and optimization of integrated photonic waveguides and related devices. It implements full vectorial and semi-vectorial finite-difference mode solvers with support of widely customizable non-uniform meshing and perfectly matched layer absorbing boundaries. Full integration with VPIcomponentMaker Photonic Circuits allows translating waveguide cross-section definitions into model parameters of passive and active devices.

    • Facilitate advanced layout definitions and optimization tasks via powerful Python interface
    • Model straight waveguides made of dispersive anisotropic materials
    • Model bent waveguides made of dispersive isotropic/lossy materials
    • Verify cross-sections and analyze results using advanced visualization capabilities

  • Networking: VPIphotonics at PIC Workshop

    3rd Workshop on Photonic Integrated Circuits at OFC

    The PIC workshop will be held on Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016 from 5.45 pm to 8.15 pm, in conjunction with the OFC at Anaheim Convention Center in Room 210AB.

    The workshop starts with a one hour summary presentation on photonic integration, followed by networking break during which key PIC service providers have tabletops. Afterwards there are use case presentations by companies that have leveraged photonic chips into the market and that are sharing their experiences. The workshop is free of charge, but does require advance registration which you can do at the workshop website.

    VPIphotonics is sponsoring the workshop. Our experts are looking forward to meet you there!

    PIC Workshop

Live Product Demonstrations

Set up an appointment with one of our experts for a customized presentation.

Contributions to OFC 2016 Conference Program

Performance Estimation of Digital Coherent Systems with FEC under non-AWGN Channel Statistics

Mon21 1:30-2:00PM, Room 303A, Paper M2A.1 (invited)

H. Louchet, A. Richter
VPIphotonics, Berlin, Germany

Abstract: We describe an approach to quickly and accurately estimate by means of numerical simulation the performance of coherent transmission systems including DSP and FEC in presence of non-AWGN channel statistics.

PAM-4 and Duobinary Direct Modulation of a Hybrid InP/SOI DFB Laser for 40 Gb/s Transmission over 2 km Single Mode Fiber

Mon21 3:00-3:15PM, Room 303C, Paper M2C.6

A. Abbasi ¹, C. Spatharakis ², G. Kanakis ², N. Andre ³, H. Louchet ³, A. Katumba ¹,
J. Verbist ¹, X. Yin ¹, J. Bauwelinck ¹, H. Avramopoulos ², G. Roelkens ¹, G. Morthier ¹
[1] INTEC, University of Ghent IMEC, Ghent, Belgium – [2] School of Electr. and Comp. Eng., Athens, Greece – [3] VPIphotonics, Berlin, Germany

Abstract: We demonstrate 40 Gb/s PAM-4 and Duobinary direct modulation of a heterogeneously integrated InP on SOI DFB laser. Transmission measurement was performed using a 2 km NZ-DSF with a PRBS 2^15 and 1.5 Vpp swing voltage.

Design of Coherent Optical Systems Impaired by EEPN

Tue22 2:15-2:30PM, Room 303C, Paper Tu2A.2

A. Kakkar ¹, O. Ozolins ², J. Navarro ², X. Pang ², M. Olmedo ¹, R. Schatz ¹, H. Louchet ³, G. Jacobsen ², S. Popov ¹
[1] Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Kista, Sweden – [2] Acreo Swedish ICT AB, Kista, Sweden – [3] VPIphotonics, Berlin, Germany

Abstract: We present experimental validation of novel analytical expressions essential for the design of coherent optical systems impaired by EEPN. These expressions enable a simple and accurate EEPN analysis for any system specification.