VPImodeDesigner™ – Design and Analysis of Integrated Photonic Waveguides and Optical Fibers

VPIphotonics, the leader in optical transmission system and component design software, offers free trials of VPImodeDesigner – a versatile simulation framework for waveguides and fibers.

It supports the analysis of guided and leaky modes in high-index-contrast and diffused (graded-index) straight and bent waveguides and fibers, made of dispersive and lossy, isotropic and anisotropic materials (including non-diagonal and gyrotropic anisotropy).


This powerful design tool offers a set of computationally efficient full-vectorial finite-difference mode solvers with support of widely customizable non-uniform meshing and several symmetry and absorbing boundary conditions. Native support of physical units, infinite-area layout shapes and arbitrary polygons (convex and concave) significantly simplifies cross-section definition.

The object-oriented representation of guided modes and mode fields, supporting all standard algebraic operations with mode fields as mathematical objects and advanced field visualization capabilities, allows to easily accomplish complex analysis of various mode properties.

VPImodeDesigner provides an intuitive object-oriented Python interface, delivered through an IPython Notebook environment. This allows combining interactive simulation scripts with results, text, graphics, equations, and user interface elements.

The choice of Python as core scripting language provides you not only with a general-purpose object-oriented programming environment, but also with immediate access to the Python-based ecosystem of open-source software for mathematics, science, and engineering, enabling easy implementation of arbitrary design optimization tasks.


With VPImodeDesigner waveguide cross-section definitions can be easily translated into model parameters of passive and active devices, to be seamlessly used with VPIcomponentMaker Photonic Circuits
the industry leading design tool for photonic integrated circuits and optoelectronics applications.

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Interested users of VPImodeDesigner can approach VPIphotonics team for more information and live demonstrations. For instance, please visit our team at:

  • Photonics West in San Francisco (USA), 13-18 February 2016
  • PIC International in Brussels (Belgium), 1-2 March 2016
  • OFC in Anaheim (USA), 20-24 March 2016
  • FOE in Tokyo (Japan), 6-8 April 2016