Keysight ADS interface for Electrical-Optical Simulation

VPI Design Suite offers an interface that can be used within Keysight Technologies' PathWave Advanced Design System (ADS) to simulate and optimize design parameters both in electrical and optical domains, eliminating key barriers to developing high performance hardware products.

Utilizing dynamic communication and seamless data transfer between the design tools, the solution can predict the data link performance and be used to understand how electrical design choices will interplay with optical design choices to deliver a reliable system design.

50G PAM-4 Optical Link

Typical example: integrated design of electrical⇔optical solution for 50G PAM-4 interconnect


  • Industry first integrated Electrical-Optical-Electrical workflow

  • Analyze an entire link from electrical to optical back to electrical passing through different domains

  • Enables electrical, optical, and system engineers to observe system's performance variation with varying optical and electrical design parameters

  • Enables electrical and system engineers to simulate electrical designs in a system for a given BER target


  • Design next-generation transceivers for 400G, 800G, 1.6T and beyond

  • Simulate the electrical design for a transceiver given a BER target for the entire system

  • Analyze full link eye diagram metrics such as BER and TDECQ

  • Compare modulation formats such as NRZ, PAM-4 and 16QAM

  • Compare parallelization methods such as FDM, WDM and SDM

  • Study the impact of electrical optical bandwidth on full link BER

  • Characterize transceiver performance while varying optical parameters such as fiber length and laser power

  • Validate photonic integrated circuit (PIC) models at the system-level in the full E-O-E link


  • 26GB PAM-4 Link – Impact of SiP Micro Ring Modulator

Additional resources

  • EOE System Simulation with ADS

    Electrical-Optical-Electrical (EOE) System
    Simulation with PathWave ADS

    Keysight Technologies and VPIphotonics have partnered to create the industry first electrical-optical-electronic (EOE) solution to test an end-to-end link. This video will cover what the solution is and how it works through a quick demo.

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