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VPIphotonics @ OFC – 24 - 28 March 2024, San Diego, USA

Join VPIphotonics at Optical Fiber Communication Conference and Exposition (OFC) 2024, booth #3611, to witness the latest innovations in photonics simulation and design! Here you will get to see demonstrations addressing new 1.6T & 800G standards and you will learn how Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC) designs can be integrated seamlessly with a full transmission system simulation. Explore our novel approaches for PIC simulation, now enhanced with custom Photonic Design Kit (PDK) creation capabilities and extended support for lithium niobate materials.

Experience the latest advancements in Free-Space Optical Communication (FSOC) systems, including cutting-edge simulations for intersatellite links and atmospheric turbulence challenges in up/downlink scenarios. Discover powerful solutions for simulating kilowatt-level fiber lasers, and see first-hand our solutions for electrical-optical co-design, quantum communications, and machine learning for enhanced equalization.

Our Technical Highlight Topics at Booth 3611:

  • Photonic Devices and Fibers

  • Integrated Photonics & PDKs

  • Electro-Optical Co-design


  • DSP for PS & high-order QAM

  • Machine Learning Framework

  • Free-Space Optics Systems

Live Demos of VPIphotonics Expert Products:

VPIphotonics Design Suite™
Transmission Systems & Optical Components

VPItoolkit™ DSP Library
Pluggable Toolkit with Lab-proven DSP Algorithms

VPItoolkit™ QKD
Pluggable Toolkit for Quantum Key Distribution

Integrated Devices, Waveguides and Optical Fibers

Cost-optimized Network Implementation

VPItoolkit™ ML Framework
Deep Neural Network Design and Implementation


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Our Contribution to Conference Program – Oral Presentation:

"A Novel Machine Learning-based Equalizer
for a Downstream 100G PAM-4 PON"

27 Mar, 8:00 AM - 8:15 AM PST
Session: W1F – Short Reach Transmission, Room 6F

Abstract: A frequency-calibrated SCINet (FC-SCINet) equalizer is proposed for downstream 100G PON with 28.7 dB path loss. At 5 km, FC-SCINet improves the BER by 88.87% compared to FFE and a 3-layer DNN with 10.57% lower complexity.

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