Open Training Course – Design of Optical Devices and Photonic Integrated Circuits

VPIphotonics is conducting a training on the computer-aided design of optical devices, complex photonic components and integrated circuits. The workshop will address efficient techniques for device- and circuit-level simulations, as well as verification of heterogeneous photonic integrated circuits (PICs) using VPImodeDesigner, VPIcomponentMaker Photonic Circuits and its toolkits supporting foundry-specific Process Design Kits (PDKs).

Attendees will learn by means of demonstrations and hands-on design exercises how to seamlessly integrate and automatize all the different design tasks. This includes interfaces between VPI design tools and physical simulation and layout design tools from our software partners.

The intention of the training is that attendees will learn about the design process starting from creating basic components, and finishing on complex PICs and optoelectronic applications supporting a specific PDK. Trainees will get acquainted with the software tools and learn about efficient modeling techniques. Various application cases will be discussed to illustrate the key design methodologies.

Modeling and design experts from VPIphotonics will lead attendees through guided software demos, provide lectures on simulation methodologies and various application topics, and are available for questions and support during lab exercises.

Course material, computers and software licenses will be provided for the duration of the training.

Design topics include:

  • Photonic design environment getting started
  • Integrated photonic waveguides and passive devices
  • Passive photonic integrated circuits
  • Semiconductor lasers and amplifiers
  • Tunable optoelectronic components
  • Heterogeneous PICs combining actives and passives
  • Layout-aware circuit design using PDKs
  • Automated variation of PIC design parameters
  • Application use cases, your own designs


     Dates & Locations

  • 24-26 May 2018            Berlin, Germany
  • 18-20 June 2018          Boston, MA