Open Training Course – Design of High Speed Transmission Systems

VPIphotonics is offering a 3-day training course in November in Berlin, Germany – intended for both beginner and experienced users of VPItransmissionMaker Optical Systems and VPIlabExpert. The hands-on seminar will focus on the design of high speed optical transmission systems.

The first day will cover the fundamentals of the software and will benefit those who are just starting out with optical system simulations. The next two days will feature more advanced topics, tailored to those interested in the modeling and investigation of technologies for short-reach optical links, as well as digital coherent transmission systems suitable for long-haul applications.

Attendees will be shown how to leverage Python cosimulation to customize and add advanced functionality to their simulations. Transmitter- and Receiver-side digital signal processing (DSP) techniques for both direct- and coherent-detection systems will also be covered.

VPIphotonics modeling experts will lead attendees through guided software demos, provide lectures on simulation methodologies and various application topics, and are available for questions and support during lab exercises. Course material, computers and software licenses will be provided for the duration of the training.

Design topics include:

  • 100G/400G optical interconnects for datacenter applications
  • Performance assessment of PAM-4 signals
  • DSP demodulation for high-order coherent M-QAM systems
  • Multi-carrier modulation and superchannels
  • Exploring benefits of probabilistically-shaped QAM constellations
  • Forward error correction and N-dimensional coded modulation
  • Investigation of nonlinear interference noise in WDM systems
  • Modeling linear and nonlinear electrical components
  • Overcoming component limitations with digital pre-distortion
  • Applying DSP algorithms on experimentally-obtained data


     Dates & Locations

  • 6 - 8 November 2018            Berlin, Germany