VPIphotonics at 2017 Summer Conferences

GFP 2017

International Conference on Group IV Photonics 2017

August 23 -25, 2017 in Berlin (Germany)

The Group IV Photonics Conference (GFP 2017), now in its 14th year, delivers insights on current and future innovations in Group IV element-based photonic materials and devices, including silicon photonics, as well as other integration and fabrication technologies. Scheduled as a single-track conference, GFP 2017 facilitates personal interaction between colleagues, including oral and poster sessions of contributed and invited papers, as well as a plenary session with overviews of important Group IV element photonics topics.

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CLEO-PR, OECC and PGC 2017

CLEO-PR, OECC and PGC 2017

July 31 - August 4, 2017 in Singapore

The aim of CLEO-PR, OECC and PGC 2017 is to foster interactions among broad disciplines in the photonics and optoelectronics family. VPIphotonics is pleased to be sponsor, exhibitor and program contributor of this years CLEO-PR, OECC and PGC 2017.

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Contributions to Conference Program

Unrepeated transmission of 28Gbaud PM-16QAM over 420km enabled by digital nonlinear pre-compensation

Poster Session 2 - paper P2-157

Wednesday, August 2, 15:45-17:15

S.M. Bilal, K. Goroshko, H. Louchet, I. Koltchanov, A. Richter

Abstract: We demonstrate the superiority of digital nonlinear pre-compensation over post-compensation for unrepeated single-carrier 28Gbaud PM-16QAM Raman-amplified system. We show that transmitter side digital-back-propagation (DBP) combined with optimized Raman pump configurations enables unrepeated transmission over 420 km.

Analysis of Nonlinear Interference Noise in Flexible Optical Networks

Poster Session 3 - paper P3-003

Thursday, August 3, 10:15-11:45

S. Dris, H. Louchet, A. Richter

Abstract: An accurate statistical picture of nonlinear noise in WDM systems deployed over non-dispersion-managed, lumped amplification optical links is obtained via simulations. We separately assess intra- and inter-channel effects, allowing comparison with analytical models. Our method also discerns between additive and phase components of the noise.

ICTON 2017

ICTON 2017 - 19th International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks

July 2-6, 2017 in Girona (Spain)

VPIphotonics' modeling experts will present latest R&D results at ICTON 2017.

This annual conference concentrates on applications of transparent and all-optical technologies in telecommunications, computing and novel applications.

Contributions to Conference Program

Efficient modeling of doped fiber lasers

Session NOA I – paper We.C5.2 (tutorial):

Wednesday, July 5, 13:25-15:25

I. Koltchanov

Abstract: The presentation will provide an introduction to the theory of the doped fibers including equations for the doping ions' levels populations and radiation in the stationary and dynamic cases. After that, the modeling techniques required to simulate laser cavities in both frequency and time domains will be discussed. Furthermore, it will be shown how combining the fiber and cavity models, as well as the models for other active/passive laser components enables simulation and design of important cw and pulsed fiber lasers, in particular, high-power cladding-pumped lasers, fiber lasers for sensing applications, Q-switched and mode-locked fiber lasers.

GPU-assisted simulations of SDM systems

Session ICTON XI – SDM – paper We.D1.6 (invited):

Wednesday, July 5, 15:25-17:55

A. Uvarov, N. Karelin, I. Koltchanov, A. Richter, H. Louchet, G. Shkred

Abstract: Spatial-Division Multiplexing (SDM) technology is aimed at overcoming capacity limits of single-mode transmission links. Design and characterization of such ultra-high capacity systems requires numerical techniques capable of dealing with vast amounts of data simulating nonlinear transmission and interaction of signals propagating in numerous spatial channels at different wavelengths, thus imposing serious challenges with respect to both memory requirements and computation performance. In this paper we discuss how massive-parallel computation capabilities of modern Graphical Processing Units (GPUs) can be utilized to develop efficient numerical algorithms and present assessment results for the GPU-assisted SDM-capable implementation in our simulator.

Prediction of accumulated DGD evolution for PMD-resistant Digital Back Propagation

Poster Session I – paper Tu.P.8:

Tuesday, July 4, 13:30-15:30

K. Goroshko, H. Louchet, A. Richter

Abstract: In this paper, we thoroughly investigate how evolutions of accumulated differential group delay along the fiber link depend on the fiber polarization mode dispersion coefficient (PMDc). We show that PMD statistics is important for simulating nonlinearity-PMD interactions and results depend on the way the PMD statistics is chosen. The results are demonstrated for the PMD-affected conventional ideal digital back propagation (DBP) and for the PMD-resistant modified version of DBP.

NGON 2017

NGON 2017 - 19th Next Generation Optical Networking

June 20 - 22, 2017 in Nice (France)

VPIphotonics will attend and sponsor NGON 2017.

The 19th annual Next Generation Optical Networking event is the most important optical conference in Europe. 750+ professionals from the entire optical networking ecosystem – from service providers, data centre operators all the way to the system vendors and component vendors. With the combination of 110+ service providers and all the leading optical networking vendors in attendance, the opportunity was seized by all to meet and network with all the right people to discuss the current challenges for the industry and discover and highlight the solutions for these challenges going forward.

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