VPIphotonics at OFC, 19-23 March in Los Angeles (California), USA

OFC 2017

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  • New Version: VPIphotonics Design Suite™ v9.8

    Design Photonic Components and Compare Transmission Technologies

    VPIphotonics Design Suite accelerates the design of new photonic systems and subsystems for short-range, access, metro and long-haul optical transmission systems. Further, it supports assessment of technology upgrade and component substitution strategies that are to be developed for existing fiber plants. Highlights supported by the new version 9.8:

    • Explore and compare technologies for fiber-optics and integrated photonics
    • Evaluate transmission system concepts, component and signal processing limitations
    • Control lab equipment, virtualize component functions, and automate testing
    For more details about the enhancements in the new version 9.8 please click here!

    VPIphotonics Design Suite
  • New Version: VPIlinkConfigurator™ v4.0

    Comprehensive optical link engineering including automatic equipment placement and configuration, and system performance assessment

    The new VPIlinkConfigurator v4.0 supports equipment configuration of complex networks including ROADMs and detailed performance calculation of true ring topologies. A powerful API enables interfacing with third-party software such as common office applications and databases in addition to custom applications. Using this automation approach, network topologies, channel plans, etc. can be extracted from other applications. Similarly, the results of the design, including equipment configuration and detailed performance, can be supplied to other applications to generate BOMs and other reports. Version 4.0 provides improves network design workflow and new built-in functionality that simplifies and accelerates design process.

  • Live Demos: Rapid prototyping with Photonic PDKs

    Pluggable toolkit extensions to versatile circuit simulation environment support MPW runs at Fraunhofer HHI, LioniX and SmartPhotonics

  • Live Demos: Automated design methods for photonic ICs

    Layout-aware schematic-driven design with VPIcomponentMaker Photonic Circuits and its seamless interfaces to OptoDesigner by PhoeniX Software and IPKISS by Luceda

    VPIcomponentMaker Photonic Circuits integrates with OptoDesigner by PhoeniX Software and IPKISS by Luceda via pluggable toolkit extensions. These interfaces enable the novel layout-aware schematic-driven design of photonic and optoelectronic integrated circuits. This approach greatly simplifies and accelerates the design workflow, providing an automated export of photonic circuit designs into OptoDesigner or IPKISS for layout design finalization and mask generation.

    VPItoolkit PDK OFC Demo
  • Networking: VPIphotonics at PIC Workshop

    4th Workshop on Photonic Integrated Circuits at OFC

    The PIC workshop will be held on Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017 from 5:45pm to 8:30pm, i.e. right after the conference and exhibition finish for that day. The workshop takes place in conjunction with OFC at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Room 515A.

    With an increasing momentum for photonic integration and last year's PIC workshop attracting over 275 attendees, this year will see the fourth workshop on photonic ICs at OFC. The PIC workshop is unique in the sense that it offers a material-independent one-stop-shop for anyone wanting to get started in photonic integration. The workshop is free of charge, but does require advance registration on the workshop website.

    VPIphotonics is sponsoring the workshop. Our experts are looking forward to meet you there!

    PIC Workshop

Live Product Demonstrations

Set up an appointment with one of our experts for a customized presentation.

Contributions to OFC 2017 Conference Program

High Performance and Low Complexity Carrier Phase Recovery Schemes for 64-QAM Coherent Optical Systems

Wed 22 10:00-12:00 AM, Poster Session 1, W2A.53

Abstract: We experimentally validate two novel CPR schemes outperforming existing CPRs in complexity and performance. A complexity reduction of at least a factor of 4 is reported compared to the BPS algorithm for a 64QAM system.

J. Navarro ⁴ ¹, A. Kakkar ¹, R. Schatz ¹, X. Pang ⁴, O. Ozolins ⁴, F. Nordwall ², H. Louchet ³, S. Popov ¹, G. Jacobsen ⁴
[1] KTH Royal Inst. of Technology, Sweden – [2] Tektronix AB, Sweden – [3] VPIphotonics GmbH, Germany – [4] Acreo Swedish ICT, Sweden

69 Gb/s DMT direct modulation of a Heterogeneously Integrated InP-on-Si DFB Laser

Thu 23 9:15-9:30 AM, Silicon Photonics, Th1B.5

Abstract: A heterogeneously integrated InP-on-Si DFB laser, with direct modulation bandwidth of 21GHz has been used for the generation of a 69Gb/s discrete multi-tone signal. Transmission at 56Gb/s over 5 km SSMF is demonstrated as well.

A. Rahim ¹, A. Abbasi ¹, N. Andre ², A. Katumba ¹, H. Louchet ², K. van Gasse ¹, R. Baets ¹, G. Morthier ¹, G. Roelkens ¹
[1] INTEC, University of Ghent IMEC, Belgium – [2] VPIphotonics GmbH, Germany

Professional Services and R&D Activities

Learn more about VPI's Consulting and R&D activities! Contact us for custom design services, and training seminars on modern technologies and their adequate modeling.

VPIphotonics partners with public research institutes, industry and universities to develop advanced solutions for the design and optimization of future photonic networks. These activities range from component design to network planning.

  • SENDATE-FICUS - Secure networking for a data center cloud in Europe –
    Flexible infrastructure for data center communication providing unique security

    VPIphotonics teams up with Coriant and academic partners in the framework of the Celtic-Plus project SENDATE-FICUS. The purpose of this project is the development of new technologies enabling the transition from today's networks to robust, efficient, secure and re-configurable converged communication networks.

  • ICONE - Allied Initiative for Training and Education in Coherent Optical Network

    VPIphotonics teams up with ACREO, Aston University, DTU, KTH, UCL and other academic and industry partners in the framework of the project ICONE (Allied Initiative for Training and Education in Coherent Optical Network). The overall objective of this initiative is to train early stage as well as experienced researchers on advanced photonic communication systems.

  • GRIFFON - Green Initiative for Future Optical Networks

    VPIphotonics teams up with ACREO Swedish ICT, Aston University and KTH, Royal Institute of Technology in the framework of the project GRIFFON (Green Initiative for Future Optical Networks). The overall scientific objective of this project is to develop an fibre optic coherent communication system with increased capacity and distance (over 300 km) at low operating cost and reduced power consumption based on an ultra-long 2nd cascade fibre Raman amplification with supressed polarisation impairments.