VPIphotonics at 43rd European Conference on Optical Communication, 17-21 September in Gothenburg, Sweden

ECOC 2017

Come and meet our experts at Booth 334!


  • VPIphotonics Design Suite™ v9.8

    Design Photonic Components and Compare Transmission Technologies

    VPIphotonics Design Suite accelerates the design of new photonic systems and subsystems for short-range, access, metro and long-haul optical transmission systems. Further, it supports assessment of technology upgrade and component substitution strategies that are to be developed for existing fiber plants. Highlights supported by the new version 9.8:

    • Explore and compare technologies for fiber-optics and integrated photonics
    • Evaluate transmission system concepts, component and signal processing limitations
    • Control lab equipment, virtualize component functions, and automate testing
    For more details about the enhancements in the new version 9.8 please click here!

    VPIphotonics Design Suite
  • VPIlinkConfigurator™ v4.0

    Comprehensive optical link engineering including automatic equipment placement and configuration, and system performance assessment

    The new VPIlinkConfigurator v4.0 supports equipment configuration of complex networks including ROADMs and detailed performance calculation of true ring topologies. A powerful API enables interfacing with third-party software such as common office applications and databases in addition to custom applications. Using this automation approach, network topologies, channel plans, etc. can be extracted from other applications. Similarly, the results of the design, including equipment configuration and detailed performance, can be supplied to other applications to generate BOMs and other reports. Version 4.0 provides improves network design workflow and new built-in functionality that simplifies and accelerates design process.

  • Lab Automation Hackathon

    Sunday, 17th September, 19:30 - 22:00

    Lab work is most efficient when data can be acquired in an automated way. Especially when taking measurements over long durations automated acquisition avoids introducing human error and allows researchers to concentrate on the fun part of experimental work. Open source software in easy to learn languages such as Python provides just as much, or more features/interoperability for lab automation than alternative commercial software. In this hackathon several researchers with 10+ years experience of lab automation will show you the power of using Python to quickly get a lab experiment running and display the measurements in a browser.

    VPIphotonics will demonstrate the development of our VPImodeDesigner - a user-friendly object-oriented Python interface, delivered through an interactive IPython Notebook environment, based on the Jupyter Notebook web application. This allows to combine interactive simulation scripts together with the simulation results, figures, problem description and mathematical equations.

    Bring a laptop to participate in the exercise. There will also be plenty of time for mingling and discussion. Light food and drinks will be served.

  • European Photonic Integration Forum 2017

    Monday, 18th September, 12:30 - 14:30

    VPIphotonics is pleased to be sponsor of the European Photonic Integration Forum 2017 taking place on September 18th 2017 as part of the ECOC conference. Join us for a briefing and discussion about open access PICs platforms in SiPh, InP and SiNx. During the briefing you will learn about our developments with:

    • Open access technology. The Process Design Kit (PDK) is at the heart of the multiproject wafers technology and provides seamless cooperation between designers, software developers, fabs, and prototype builders and one-stop-shop brokering.
    • Technology acceleration, enabling major advances in technology building blocks. JePPIX R&D focusses on InP and SiNx integration platforms and also hybrid combinations.
    Participation in this session free of charge. Further information you can find in the flyer and online!

  • Tektronix Optical Industry Customer Technology Forum 2017

    Monday - Wednesday, 18th - 20th September

    Tektronix is delighted to host this year’s Forum and announce the key note speakers from leading academia and commercial research establishments from around the world. All delegates to the conference and exhibition are cordially invited to attend.

    VPIphotonics will contribute to this forum:

    Boosting Laboratory System Testing: the Power of Software-Based Emulation of Component Limitations and Link Distortions

    Tue 11:00 - 12:00

    Stefanos Dris

    You can find further information about "Tektronix Optical Industry Customer Technology Forum 2017" in the flyer!

Live Product Demonstrations

Set up an appointment with one of our experts for a customized presentation.

Contribution to ECOC 2017 Conference Program

Overcoming the Impact of Nonlinear Interference Noise Correlation on FEC Performance

Wed 15:30 - 17:00, P2.SC6.33

Abstract: We show how the correlation of Kerr-induced nonlinear interference noise affects the performance of Low-Density Parity Check codes, and present a simple analytical method predicting this correlation enabling optimized digital carrier phase recovery for mitigation.

A. Richter, H. Louchet (Keysight Technologies), S. Dris

Professional Services and R&D Activities

Learn more about VPI's Consulting and R&D activities! Contact us for custom design services, and training seminars on modern technologies and their adequate modeling.

VPIphotonics partners with public research institutes, industry and universities to develop advanced solutions for the design and optimization of future photonic networks. These activities range from component design to network planning.

  • SENDATE-FICUS - Secure networking for a data center cloud in Europe –
    Flexible infrastructure for data center communication providing unique security

    VPIphotonics teams up with Coriant and academic partners in the framework of the Celtic-Plus project SENDATE-FICUS. The purpose of this project is the development of new technologies enabling the transition from today's networks to robust, efficient, secure and re-configurable converged communication networks.

  • ICONE - Allied Initiative for Training and Education in Coherent Optical Network

    VPIphotonics teams up with ACREO, Aston University, DTU, KTH, UCL and other academic and industry partners in the framework of the project ICONE (Allied Initiative for Training and Education in Coherent Optical Network). The overall objective of this initiative is to train early stage as well as experienced researchers on advanced photonic communication systems.

  • PolyPhotonics Berlin - Optical Components from Plastic

    VPIphotonics teams up with regional enterprises and research institutes in frame of PolyPhotonics Berlin, an R&D project co-financed by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). The PolyPhotonics Berlin consortium targets to establish a new versatile polymer based integration platform combined with Indium-Phosphide and thin-film filter technologies for numerous photonics applications in the global communications and sensing market. VPIs role in this initiative is to develop a toolbox of simulation models representing libraries of photonic and optoelectronic building blocks. This toolbox may serve as basis for project partners and external users when designing and verifying complex photonic components and integrated circuits that are to be manufactured by the PolyPhotonics Berlin consortium.