Training on Design of High Speed Transmission Systems

VPIphotonics is offering two days of training in Berlin. These days will cover the simulation and design of high speed optical transmission systems.

The hands-on 2-days seminar is tailored for experienced users of VPItransmissionMaker Optical Systems who are interested in the modeling and investigation of technologies for direct modulation / direct detection and digital coherent transmission systems.

VPIphotonics modeling experts will lead attendees through guided software demos, provide lectures on simulation methodologies and various application topics, and are available for questions and support during lab exercises.

The workshop is intended for 8-10 attendees. VPIphotonics will provide course material, computers and software licenses for the duration of the training.

     Date & Location

  • October 20-21 2016       Berlin, Germany


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Day 1 – Digital Coherent Transmissions

Design topics include:

  • Single carrier digital coherent transmission
  • Digital equalization for higher order modulation formats
  • Digital Signal Processing at the transmitter side
  • Coded modulation for flexible data rate transmission

Experimental demo supported by Tektronix:

  • Post-processing of experimental data

Day 2 – High Speed Access

Design topics include:

  • High-speed access system using PAM
  • Multi-carrier modulation for access and aggregation
  • Short-reach transmission using multimode fiber

Experimental demo supported by Tektronix:

  • Generation & analysis of multi-carrier modulation for access networks