VPIphotonics at 2016 Summer Conferences

NGON 2016

NGON 2016 - 18th Next Generation Optical Networking

June 28 - July 1, 2016 in Nice (France)

VPIphotonics will attend and sponsor NGON 2016.

2016 and beyond promises to be a very exciting time for Optical networks being positioned at the forefront of the data explosion being created by 5G, Internet of Things (IoT) and the Gigabit connected cities. Investment in optical is key as it continues to underpin this rapid growth in services and applications keeping communities connected and on the move. NGON 2016 will address and mirror this optical innovation and drive towards Terabit transmission with a smarter and more flexible exhibition and conference.

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OECC/PS 2016

OECC/PS 2016 - 21st Optoelectronics and Communications Conference / International Conference on Photonics in Switching

July 3-7, 2016 in Niigata (Japan)

In cooperation with AISAY Corporation, our Japanese distributor, VPIphotonics' software solutions for photonic design and analysis will be presented at OECC/PS 2016.

Held annually in the Pacific Rim region, OECC has a long tradition and is a leading international conference for researchers and engineers working in the fields of optoelectronics, fiber transmission, and photonic network systems. It has provided a valuable international forum to present and discuss R&D progress in these areas. OECC 2016 will be held jointly with Photonics in Switching 2016. This joint conference offers a great opportunity to seek out and explore a wide variety of R&D topics from basic research to system technologies.

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ICTON 2016

ICTON 2016 - 18th International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks

July 10-14, 2016 in Trento (Italy)

VPIphotonics' modeling experts will present latest R&D results at ICTON 2016.

This annual conference concentrates on applications of transparent and all-optical technologies in telecommunications, computing and novel applications.

Contributions to Conference Program


Monday, July 11, 12:30

Overcoming performance limitations of digital back propagation due to polarization mode dispersion

K. Goroshko, H. Louchet, A. Richter

Abstract: We investigate the impact of unknown local differential group delay (DGD) on nonlinear compensation techniques in non-dispersion managed transmission links. We describe the beneficial mechanism of a low-complex modification to the well-known digital back propagation (DBP) technique, which is based on single measurements of accumulated DGD and state of polarization at the receiver. Furthermore, we will discuss limits of the DBP capability to increase capacity and reach distance, and compare exemplary application cases.


Monday, July 11, 13:10

Pilot Tones Based Polarization Rotation, Frequency Offset and Phase Estimation for Polarization Multiplexed Offset-QAM Multi-Subcarrier Coherent Optical Systems

Syed M. Bilal (VPIphotonics), Gabriella Bosco (Politecnico di Torino)

Abstract: Multi-Subcarrier Offset-Quadrature Amplitude Modulation (OQAM) scheme has recently been proposed to increase the spectral efficiency (SE) of optical coherent communication systems. Thanks to the half symbol delay between the in-phase and quadrature components, OQAM signals can achieve channel spacing values as low as the symbol rate Rs, without suffering from inter channel interference (ICI) even in the condition of severe spectral overlapping. On the other hand, phase noise due to this half symbol delay not only results in the random rotation of the received constellation points but also introduces additional cross talk after equalization, when using standard equalization algorithms. Therefore, OQAM signals have very poor tolerance towards laser linewidth. In addition, for a polarization multiplexed (PM) system, polarization rotation between the x and y polarizations interacting with the phase noise can severely affect the performance. In this paper we propose a pilot tones (PTs) based approach for multi-subcarrier OQAM signals. The PTs are used to estimate frequency offset (FO), carrier phase (CP) and the polarization rotation matrix. An equalizer based on a modified constant modulus algorithm (CMA) is finally used to recover the signal.

Advanced Photonics 2016

Advanced Photonics 2016 - OSA Meeting

July 18-20, 2016 in Vancouver (Canada)

VPIphotonics will present latest news about its software solutions for photonic design and analysis at Advanced Photonics 2016.

Advanced Photonics covers multiple aspects of optical data transfer and its technologies, from photonic integrated circuit design, fabrication and performance, advances in component design and performance, optical interconnects, switching and storage, optical computing, data and information processing. It also covers the network design and the control, implementation and processing needed to mitigate system impairments and optimize network and link performance.

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