VPIlinkDesigner™ – New version 2.0 released!

VPIphotonics announces new release of VPIlinkDesigner, a software tool for optical link engineering including equipment placement and configuration and a thorough system wide performance assessment.

It supports equipment configuration of complex networks including ROADMs and detailed performance calculation of true ring topologies.

Version 2.0 improves the network design workflow and provides new built-in functionality that simplifies and accelerates link engineering tasks.

Traffic Demands Summary
Traffic Demands Summary

Automated Insertion of Regeneration Points
Automated Insertion of Regeneration Points

Among the new features of version 2.0 are

  • Ordered list of signal rates available for a design that depends on chosen Span Engineering Rules package

  • New method for automated insertion of regeneration points to meet heuristic design constraints

  • New mode of Setup Node Equipment tool for upgrade of Add/Drop equipment configuration

  • Target Power mode to simplify link loss compensation in ring and mesh networks

  • Design Assistant mode to simplify and accelerate loss and dispersion compensation process

  • Problem area notification to report violation of equipment operating limits and design rules constraints

  • Improved Comparison view to see solutions performance reported with or without performance limit specified in the design rules

  • User Interface improvements to simplify creation and maintenance of an item library and improve the design workflow

Upgrade of Add/Drop Equipment
Upgrade of Add/Drop Equipment

Problem area notification and equipment refining in Design Assistant mode
Problem area notification & equipment refining in Design Assistant mode

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