VPIphotonics Transmission & Component Design Suite – Version 9.3

Version 9.3 provides new modeling features dedicated to specific design applications compared to the previous versions of VPItransmissionMaker/VPIcomponentMaker.

Among the new features are a new multimode doped fiber model for SDM applications, high-power amplifiers and lasers, the improved support of measured gain and electro-absorption spectra in laser sections, as well as new instrumentation tools.

Further on, VPIphotonics is proud to announce with VPIlabExpert a new product addressing the specific requirements of experimentalists for flexible data pre- and post-processing and complex signal analysis functions.

Photonic Design Environment offering a high level of usability and personalization

Among the new features of Version 9.3 are

  • New library of interface modules for automatic signal conversion and transfer between VPIphotonics' simulation software and lab equipment, which can be extended to accommodate for user-specific requirements and other equipment types

  • Photonics TLM module - significant performance improvement of multi-Lorentzian fitting for measured carrier-dependent gain and voltage-dependent electro-absorption spectra

  • Three new instrumentation modules are provided to support the automated characterization of optical filters, lasers and SOAs

  • New mode solver and fiber propagation modules for multimode Er-doped fiber applications, such as optical amplifiers for Spatial Division Multiplexing systems, and high-power fiber amplifiers and lasers using multimode Large Mode Area fibers

  • New beam coupler module to simulate coupling of an incident light beam into a multimode fiber or waveguide for short-reach conventional multimode transmission.

  • Enhanced multimode fiber solver to support arbitrary refractive profiles including trench-assisted ones

Experimental demonstration of 125Gb/s coherent OFDM using VPIlabExpert
together with Tektronix arbitrary waveform generator and real-time scope

Existing demonstrations have been modified and new ones added to illustrate the functionality and applications of the new features and modules. There are over 760 demonstrations available in the products now.

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