VPIphotonics at ACP 2015- Asia Communications and Photonics Conference

November 19-23, 2015 in Hong Kong

VPIphotonics will present its latest simulation tools together with our Chinese distributor LUSTER LightTech at ACP 2015 to be held in Hong Kong, November 19-23, 2015. Come and visit us there!

Contributions to ACP 2015 Conference Program

Workshop 3: Closing the Gap to Shannon limit: What is Next for Nonlinearity Compensation in Optical Communication?

Nov-19 2015, 9:00 to 12:00

Integrated simulation and design environment for SDM applications

A. Richter, N. Karelin, H. Louchet, D. Kroushkov, A.Uvarov, S. Mingaleev, I. Koltchanov

Abstract: Space Division Multiplexing (SDM) using for instance fiber ribbons, multi-core or multimode fibers represents a promising approach to increase the capacity of fiber-based transmission systems. Compared to single-mode fiber applications, SDM imposes additional challenges: beyond the more advanced transmitter and receiver design, linear and nonlinear intra- and inter-modal interactions in the fiber have to be considered carefully. The efficient design of such systems needs to rely on flexible and accurate simulation tools for multimode-based transmission technologies. We present here our work towards an integrated simulation environment for SDM applications. This includes an advanced multimode signal model, fiber mode solvers, passive couplers and mode multiplexers, a multimode transmission fiber model capable of simulating linear (DMD, CD, mode coupling) and nonlinear (Kerr) effects, coherent receivers with MIMO DSP algorithms, multimode instrumentation and signal analysis tools, productivity and optimization utilities. Furthermore, we address the design and optimization of few-mode Er-doped fiber amplifiers to minimize DMG for instance.

Session ASu1E - Transceivers I

Nov-22 2015, 08:3009:45

Experimental 32Gbaud OFDM transmission using a 3-bit DAC

N. M. Andre, H. Louchet, A. Richter (VPIphotonics)
V. Filsinger, E. Hansen (SHF Communication Technologies)

Abstract: We experimentally accomplish high baudrate OFDM transmission using a 60Gbaud-capable 3-bit DAC. We investigate the strategies necessary to achieve successful electrical and optical transmission and determine the limitations of OFDM transmission for higher resolutions.

Session ASu3F - DSP for Nonlinear Fiber Transmissions

Nov-22 2015, 11:3013:00

Fundamental Limitations of Digital Back Propagation due to Polarization Mode Dispersion

K. Goroshko, H. Louchet, A. Richter

Abstract: We investigate the PMD-induced penalty on digital back propagation by means of numerical simulations and show that its mean and standard deviation correlate with the accumulated link DGD. An analytical model supports our numerical results.

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