VPIphotonics at 2014 Summer Conferences

Come and visit our modeling experts at leading technical conferences!

ECIO 2014 - European Conference on Integrated Optics

June 24-27, 2014 in Nice (France)

The aim of ECIO-MOC 2014 is to provide a forum where experts from both industrial and academic communities, within fiber optics, integrated optics and micro and nanophotonics, can exchange new ideas and latest findings.

Come and visit our team in Nice. We will demonstrate live at ECIO the latest version of VPItransmissionMaker & VPIcomponentMaker - the market-leading photonic components and systems design suite.

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ICTON 2014 - International Conforence on Transparent Optical Networks

July 6-10, 2014 in Graz (Austria)

VPIphotonics will present its latest simulation tools at ICTON 2014 to be held in Graz, Austria, July 6-10, 2014. This annual conference concentrates on applications of transparent and all-optical technologies in telecommunications, computing and novel applications.

Invited Paper presented by Dr. Nikolay Karelin:

Parallel simulations of optical communication systems

N. Karelin, G. Shkred, A. Simonov, S. Mingaleev, I. Koltchanov, and A. Richter

Abstract: Sophisticated numerical simulations represent an indispensable tool for developing new optical communication systems and solutions. With wider availability of parallel computing hardware (most notably, multi-core CPUs and GPUs) it becomes increasingly important to effectively parallelize simulation algorithms. In this paper, we review the main principles and common pitfalls of parallel simulations for optical systems and components. The addressed topics include signal propagation in fibers, fiber gratings, active and passive semiconductor components, parallel simulations of transmission systems and photonic integrated circuits represented by networks of modules, as well as general-purpose optimization tasks.

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SPPCom 2014 - OSA Optics & Photonics Congress on Advanced Photonics

July 13-17, 2014 in San Diego (USA)

Invited Paper presented by Dr. Hadrien Louchet:

Link Emulation and Importance Sampling for Performance estimation of DSP-based Transmission Systems

H. Louchet, D. Piasentin and A. Richter

Abstract: We report an approach based on Importance Sampling that accurately estimates the bit-error-rate of coherent transmission systems including digital signal processing and hard-decoding forward-error-correction. The proposed method is validated by means of Monte-Carlo simulations.

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