VPIlinkConfigurator™ Version 3.5

VPIphotonics is proud to present the new VPIlinkConfigurator Version 3.5, a versatile software tool for optical link engineering including automatic equipment placement and configuration and a thorough system wide performance assessment. It supports equipment configuration of complex networks including ROADMs and detailed performance calculation of true ring topologies.

Version 3.5 provides enhancements of the design workflow, graph view and user interface as well as the modeling of library devices.

Automated Insertion of Regeneration Points and Repeater Huts via default macros

VPIlinkConfigurator has proven to be beneficial in numerous commercial engineering projects. With the improved capabilities and usability enhancements provided in Version 3.5, it is set to deliver the same outstanding results in the future.

Among the new features of Version 3.5 are

  • Import of network topology data from a file simplifies process of defining links, nodes and traffic demands

  • New means for notification of design flaws via new Check Constraints feature

  • New method for automated insertion of regeneration points and repeater huts

  • Multilane representation of logical channels to model transport of high bit rate traffic demands over low bit rate optical channels

  • Macro Visualization Options support customization of context-dependent macro display

  • New macros to automate channel power equalization and amplifier placement

  • Charts presets archive group of charts which will appear in new design documents per default

  • Improved Reporting macro to automatically allocate chassis and other necessary equipment (with minimized number of non-photonic items per node)

  • Enhanced Graph View to permit visualization of link and channel parameters

  • Separation of user configuration files from default product configuration files to make updates more convenient

  • Enhanced Lumped Raman Amplifier model to account for dependence of characteristics on fiber type within a single library item

  • New GainTilt parameter accounts for the spectral variation of an amplifier gain

  • User Interface improvements to simplify creation and maintenance of an item library and improve the design workflow

Customizing the Shortcut menu via Macros Visualization Options dialog

Existing demonstrations have been modified and new ones added to illustrate the functionality and applications of the new features and modules.

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