VPItransmissionMaker™ & VPIcomponentMaker™ Version 9.2

VPItransmissionMaker/VPIcomponentMaker Version 9.2 provides many new modeling features, improved usability and advances in design process and data analysis compared to the previous versions.

Among the new features are several new modules and improvements to support arbitrary 2D and 4D modulation formats, a multitude of digital signal processing techniques, concatenated FECs, Spatial Division Multiplexing systems over multimode transmission media, active devices with arbitrary gain and electro-absorption profiles, Thulium-doped fiber applications and many more.

Additionally, we introduce with VPIcomponentMaker Fiber Optics the successor of VPIcomponentMaker Optical Amplifiers. The new products offers greatly extended modeling capabilities and supports applications such as doped-fiber, Raman and parametric amplifiers, CW and pulsed fiber sources, optical signal processing, high-power and ultrafast applications.

VPItransmissionMaker and VPIcomponentMaker have proven to be beneficial in winning and successfully performing many research and design projects - for commercial companies as well as for educational institutions. With the improved capabilities provided in Version 9.2, the VPIphotonics modeling suite is set to deliver the same outstanding results in the future.

Among the new features of Version 9.2 are

  • New means for advanced parameter expressions using Python, initialization scripts, and applying functional dependencies

  • New and enhanced models to support even better the generation, display, detection and performance estimation of arbitrary 4D and 2D modulation formats

  • New model with key DSP functions for coherent mQAM transmission for graphical design of complex DSP structures and addition of user-defined procedures

  • Increased library of available FEC codes, drastically improved speed of key decoding algorithms

  • New signal representation supporting the simulation of transmission systems utilizing multimode and few-mode fibers

  • Several new models supporting spatial-division multiplexing (SDM) applications (for instance over few-mode fiber)

  • Enhanced doped-fiber model supporting the design, analysis and optimization of Thulium-doped fiber amplifiers and lasers

  • Enhanced modeling of active photonic circuits and optoelectronic devices using user-defined profiles of semiconductor optical gain and electro-absorption coefficient

  • Enhanced passive photonic elements to support arbitrarily frequency-dependent effective mode indices and attenuations

  • Enhanced waveguide grating model to support definition of arbitrarily complex chirp and apodization profiles for regular and sampled waveguide gratings

  • New and improved data visualization and analysis functions using VPIphotonicsAnalyzer

  • Restructured context-sensitive documentation separating task-oriented information from reference material

SDM transmission system using 5x2 modes

Existing demonstrations have been modified and new ones added to illustrate the functionality and applications of the new features and modules. There are over 740 demonstrations available in the products now.

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