VPItoolkit™ PDK HHI

VPItoolkit PDK HHI is a pluggable toolkit to VPIcomponentMaker Photonic Circuits which supports InP photonics PDK for Multi Project Wafer runs offered by the Fraunhofer Institute for Telecommunications, Heinrich Hertz Institute, HHI.

The toolkit provides a library of photonic devices (see figure right) which covers most of the building blocks (BBs) currently supported by the HHI Process Design Kit.

VPItoolkit PDK HHI - BBs list

Overview of building blocks available in VPItoolkit PDK HHI

Design Examples

Transmitter and Receiver PIC for THz applications

This demo shows a possible design of the photonic integrated circuit based on generic integration technology combining a transmitter [1] and a receiver for the THz applications in a single chip.

Circuit design of optical device with VPItoolkit PDK HHI

Final packaging design

[1] F.M. Soares, J. Kreissl, M. Theurer, E. Bitincka, T. Goebel, M. Moehrle, and N. Grote, "Transmitter PIC for THz Applications Based on Generic Integration Technology", The 25th International Conference on Indium Phosphide and Related Materials (IPRM2013, May 19 - 23, 2013, Kobe, Japan).

Flat-top filter based on ring-loaded unbalanced MZI structure

Resonance effects provided by two Mach-Zehnder Interferometer (MZI) structures: an unbalanced and a ring-loaded MZI are superposed to produce a high-order flat-top passband transfer function.

VPItoolkit PDK HHI - MZI

Circuit design of optical device with VPItoolkit PDK HHI

VPItoolkit PDK HHI - Fabrication Tolerances

Analysis of fabrication tolerances